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Are you a local business looking for more customers?
We can help!

At BeLocal Pro, we are all about being local and helping your business grow. Together with the BeLocal Pro Book, BeLocal Pro App and our one-of-a-kind proximity marketing platform, you will engage with more customers locally.

The Book

With a local mailing distribution of over 10,000 copies per book and
1,000’s more placed in high traffic locations,
your business will see visitors take
advantage of special offers, services, food
and products that highlight your business as a special
part of our local community!
Hands down -- the BeLocal Pro Book is completely different
from other advertising books you have seen.

Your business is featured with coupons, messages or ads in full color, along with a QR Code that is linked to the BeLocal Pro Online Digital Book which can have links to your website, custom landing page, printable coupons or a video commercial linked to your digital ad.

The BeLocal Pro Book is printed on high-quality, thick, glossy finished paper, providing a professional high-end look.

Digital Online Book

               Not Only is the BeLocal Pro Book printed and distributed throughout our local community, but there is a Digital Online Book which is promoted through the web and social media for exponential numbers of customers seeing your ads.

Also, the Online Book can have your links added to drive customers to your website, custom landing pages and printable coupons.

Do you have a video or commercial?  BeLocal Pro can can link them to your ads in the BeLocal Pro Online Digital Book.

Reach more customers and engage them in multiple ways with the all new BeLocal Pro Book! 

Belocal Pro Platform

Place ads/promotions on mobile devices within close proximity of your business every day!

Create proximity marketing campaigns in minutes with a one-of-a-kind platform!

Deliver ads with or without the ready-to-use BeLocal Pro Mobile App!

Digital Coupons

Place your deals and steals into your promotions! 

Add digital or printable coupons to your ads or to your proximity marketing campaigns.

Digital coupons are a great way to invite customers to come and engage with your business. 

Loyalty Programs

Returning customers spend 67% more than new ones!
Why not reward them for their loyalty and retain them?
BeLocal Pro Loyalty Campaigns allow you to reward loyal customers with coupons for making a purchase, visiting a store or collecting a predetermined amount of points.

Advertising Packages

  • Package A - $ 389.95 per month + BONUS

     Full-Page Ad, Full Color & QR Code in BeLocal Pro Printed Book.

  • Package B - $ 249.95 per month + BONUS

    Half-Page (1/2) Ad, Full Color & QR Code in BeLocal Pro Printed Book. 

  • Package C - $ 139.95 per month + BONUS

    Quarter-Page (1/4) Ad, Full Color & QR Code in BeLocal Pro Printed Book.

  • Package D - $ 89.95 per month + BONUS

    Eighth-Page (1/8) Ad, Full Color & QR Code in BeLocal Pro Printed Book.

  • Package E - $ 759.95 per month + BONUS

    Two-Page Spread Ad, Full Color & QR Code in BeLocal Pro Printed Book.

  • Package F - $ 790.95 per month + BONUS

    Front Cover Page Ad, Full Color & QR Code in BeLocal Pro Printed Book.

  • Package G - $ 675.95 per month + BONUS

    Front Cover Inside Page Ad, Full Color & QR Code in BeLocal Pro Printed Book.

  • Package H - $ 790.95 per month + BONUS

    Back Cover Page Ad, Full Color & QR Code in BeLocal Pro Printed Book.

  • Package I - $ 675.95 per month + BONUS

    Back Cover Inside Page Ad, Full Color & QR Code in BeLocal Pro Printed Book. 

Same size ad as purchased for the print book will be promoted in the BeLocal Pro Digital Online Book. Add links to your website, videos, landing pages, printable coupons, or add a contact form link.  Our Online digital book is mobile friendly and works on all devices.

BeLocal Pro Smart Spot Beacon, with full access to Premium Platform Package
Includes: unlimited ad content creation; unlimited ad campaigns; unlimited coupon campaigns; create/operate customized digital loyalty program.

Geofence: global positioning (GPS) used to define a geographic virtual boundary.
Includes: trigger to send an app notification when a mobile device enters
(or exits) the specified geofenced area. Businesses can section off a geographic area and
communicate with devices within the geofenced space (up to 1-mile).

Unlimited BeLocal Pro Mobile App downloads.

Free BeLocal Pro Online Directory Listing.

Full page ad
8.5" x 11"
Full Color

demo ad full page

Half page ad
4.25" x 11" 
Quarter page ads
4.25" x 5.5"

demo ad half page with quater
demofull page ad size
demo half page set up
demo quater page ads

The BeLocal Pro Platform

Create your ads, promotions, campaigns, loyalty programs, coupons, retarget customers & so much more!                                  "All From The BeLocal Pro Platform"

All local businesses advertising in the BeLocal Pro Book with any one of the ad packages, will have access to an easy-to-use online BeLocal Pro Platform that allows the management of all content, campaigns, loyalty programs, coupons and so much more.  BeLocal Pro technology helps a business engage consumer traffic passing nearby your location each day.  The easy-to-create, interactive content promotions include: easy-to-use templates to quickly add images, videos, URL landing pages, promotion descriptions, full location information, and social share links.  Insert multiple links to your ads like online ordering or reservation URL links.  Add a "push-to-call" button or even a map button with directions right to your location using a smartphone's built-in mapping  features.  Building a promotion within your online BeLocal Pro Platform portal only takes minutes to create.  All ad promotions instantly begin broadcasting from your BeLocal Pro Spots: geofence, Bluetooth Beacon, WiFi, QR Code or NFC Tags to mobile devices.                     (Note: not all Spot types are included with each subscription package, but can be added -- additional charges may apply)

 Meet The BeLocal Pro Platform
Proximity Marketing Eco System

  • Loyalty Campaigns
  • Coupon Campaigns
  • Geofence Campaigns
  • Push Notification Campaigns
  • Social Sharing
  • Retargeting
  • Easy-to-Use Ad & Campaign Templates
  • Flexible Schedule for Ads & Campaigns
  • Target Users with Personalized Ads
  • Reach Customers on Smartphones
  • Get Real-Time Customer Analytics
  • Collect & Save Customer Data

         Broadcast Ads / Promotions To                        Nearby Smartphone User's 24/7

Passing mobile phones, with the FREE BeLocal Pro Community Mobile App, receive custom promotions directly on the lock screen of their mobile smartphone!

When clicked from the lock screen, your ad promotions will open within the phones browser or the BeLocal Pro Community App and allow the end-user to interact directly with you.

A customer can “favorite” your business and save your promotion for later or share on social Media! Privacy Alert System algorithms prevent your promotion from contacting the passing end-user’s phones multiple times per day.

Business owners may create multiple promotions and view analytics to see which promotion performs best!